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The efficient link between employer and employee – main job.

The efficient link between employer and employee – main job.

Our emphasis – reliable service.

Sphere of activity of MainJob.

Hiring of staff:

MainJob (in this case the employer) provides employees (you) for a third person (the so-called hirer). The employee offers his work to the hirer for a certain period. The aim of this procedure is the so-called “sticky effect”, i.e. the hirer engages the employee in his company. In recent years more than 300 people have found a permanent job with us.

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Personnel service:

MainJob is especially successful in this area. Why? Because we regard potential employees not as “guns for hire”, but as human beings. Because we take our time to get to know them properly. Because this is the only way vacancies can be perfectly filled, and all three partners are happy.

MainJob also obtains suitable personnel for firms. To this end situations offered are scrutinised and matched with applicants in our data bank. If the mediation is successful, MainJob receives a provision from the future employer. The legal basis for the personnel service is the agency law of the code of Civil Law (§§ 652 ff. BGB).

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